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Welcome to Online E-Quran Learning Academy!
"Online E-Quran learning Academy" is among the best Quran learning academies on the internet

world. Our qualified and experience teachers serve the Muslims and their children.We are providing

you step by step Quran Learning with the rules of Tajweed and Essential Islamic Teachings for

children and new Muslims by online. Our basic mission is to teach the Quran to Muslim community

through this valuable mean of online. Our online tutors teach the Holy Quran with "Tajweed" so that

the Quran readers read the Quran with correct pronounciation.
Tutoring Method:
By using online Quran learning method, the student and teacher communicate by top quality screen

sharing program along with audio communication. We will help you to setup this completely free and

easy to use program and get started with the Al Qur'an reading lessons.
Online Courses   Who Can Learn
Qur'an Basic-Qaida
Qur'an Reading
Qur'an Recitation
Qur'an Translation (Arabic, Urdu & English)
Special Tajweed Course
Tafseer (Arabic , Urdu & English)
Arabic Language Course
Urdu Language
Hadith Learning
  Anybody who has internet and computer can

learn with us. We will walk you through how to

download simple GotoMeeting program for

interactive Live Qur'an Reading session with live

Qur'an teacher. Holy Quran reading program is

for both the young and the old alike, anyone

from age 4 to 75 can benefit from our online

Qur'an tutoring program.